Social Media for Parents

Students of all ages are dabbling in some form or another of social media. While there are many positive interactions in the social media world, students can quickly find themselves in adverse situations. This page is a guide to help parents navigate the social media world with their children.  Social media evolves quickly. While we hope this to be a comprehensive guide, stay diligent to the newest trend and inform yourself and your child of potential dangers. 

App Alert



👍It is a free app that crosses platforms. It encourages keeping in touch. It is widely used by gamers. It does have some privacy settings to reduce spam and exploitative content. No users between 13-17 are allowed (if the user enters the correct birthdate).

👎There is a lot of inappropriate content shared. It is a mature environment. Images are easy to share. Direct messaging options are available. Chatrooms are accessible and can be a security risk.