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Safety Letter

Dear Cumberland CUSD 77 Family,

I believe it is safe to say that we are all devastated to hear of the tragic high school shooting in Florida. I know that all of our hearts and prayers go out to the Parkland, Florida, community as they work to regain a sense of normalcy. I want to reassure you that the safety and security of students and staff have been and will remain Cumberland’s top priority.

The painful reality is that no school district or public place can ever be completely immune from such senseless violence. While we cannot share all the details of our school safety plans, we believe it is important to share some of the more general and global safety measures that are in place. We are grateful for our community’s support that has allowed us to put these measures in place.

General Measures:

Strong partnership with local law enforcement and fire/rescue, including trainings and future meetings for the purposes of threat assessment

Specific safety protocols defined and articulated, including one for “an active shooter”

The Lumen School Messenger, our public notification system

Regularly scheduled safety drills

Building plans/footprints shared with law enforcement and fire/rescue

Daily Process and Procedures:

Active and engaged supervision

Strong relationships with students and families

Access control systems (locked doors) at the Elementary/MS building, with plans to install at the high school. The HS exterior doors are also locked and office checks are made before entry.

Locked classroom doors

Surveillance cameras at all schools

Radio systems and intercom systems

We are currently working with a company and seeking additional interior door upgrades to create safer classrooms for the schools.

We know that because of the world we live in today, the scenario that happened in Parkland, Florida, and the one that happened in Mattoon last fall could happen in any school, any movie theater, Church, any mall or store, in any town. We do not want ANY of our children or adults to be afraid to come to school or to be afraid to go anywhere for that matter.  Safety is everybody's responsibility.  All of us in the Cumberland schools play a vital role in staying vigilant, aware, and reporting any concerns to building principals, the district office, and the police. We ask that all staff and parents remain engaged with our school safety and security measures. We know that you share in our concern and our focus on safety and security.

Please express your concerns to your State and Federal Representatives that money needs to be available to all public schools for additional safety upgrades.


Todd Butler

Cumberland CUSD #77 Superintendent
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